Rome Puzzle

Rome Puzzle

Rome Puzzle is a match-three game set in the Ancient Rome
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Rome Puzzle is a match-three game set in the Ancient Rome. The goal of the game is to switch the tiles that are on the game’s board in order to form groups of at least three identical tiles. When you manage to do this, those tiles will then disappear from the screen, leaving an empty space that will be occupied by new tiles that will fall from above.

You will earn points for every group you form and make disappear. Groups of more than four tiles will reward you more points. The tiles may represent gold, supplies, or food. When forming groups, sometimes the falling tiles will form new groups that will add to yours, and will be wiped from the board leaving you with extra points and time bonuses. You will have to form groups with all the tiles that have a blue background to complete a stage. At the end of each stage, you will have enough money to buy goods that will aid you to rebuild Rome, such as a watermill or a forge. Some tiles will get you an extra bonus - they will be marked with a green circle around them.

As you advance in the game, it will get more difficult, because some gaps will appear on the board.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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